15+ Awesome Facebook Timeline Templates

Everything evolves so fast! Including facebook and facebook templates! Today we’ll talk about facebook timeline pages, about funny facebook timeline images and awesome facebook timeline templates with 810 px width, that you can insert into your facebook page!
Some of the template – it’s well-known brands pages, and some – are templates that you can buy. Let’s start with perhaps the brand pages.

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Daily Inspiration. Chapter 39

Sometimes you just can’t start working without inspiration. But you never know for sure when you need it.

Many people read Top Web Design blog every day, and it makes us responsible for the topicality of information we provide. That’s what this chapter was made for.

“Daily Inspiration” is the collection of inspiring designer works and resources picked by wdremix.net users. If you are eager to take part in making the “Daily Inspiration”, send us the image or other media content to our e-mail. We hope that everyone will find something for him or herself in our graphic design inspiration sets”.

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Best Themeforest WordPress Themes 2011

2012 is already here. Our blog turned one year old and a lot of things happened this year, I must say. Of course, it is hard to describe every little thing but we must sum it up all the same. And I think that it’s better to begin with WordPress themes as in 2011 they’ve appeared in a huge amount. Talking about WordPress templates I at once think of such resource as Themeforest.net! I’m sure that everyone has heard of such a site as Themeforest!

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Dmitry Kalinichenko. Meeting the artist

Such a strange article title, isn’t it? Yeah, really, the articles of such kind haven’t been presented on our blog yet. “But why not?” – I said to myself and start writing. Start writing and understood that there is so much to say that it may appear to be too boring for my readers which is not very good. This is why I made a conclusion that I’d tell you about the article hero in a brief way and show some of his works which I have (unfortunately, there is a few of them but still I’ve got something to show).

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40+ Awesome Photography by Eibo

Ibrahim M. Al Sayed, known as Eibo, is an architect and photographer from Saudi Arabia. He began taking photos at the end of 2008 and managed to achieve success in this area very soon due to his perfectionism and attention to details.

His favorite style is macro, nevertheless, he doesn’t limit himself in one particular genre. He is sure that our life has numerous scenes which deserve to be seen and watched. Photographs by Ibrahim M. Al Sayed are distinguished by diversity, interesting lighting, creativity and shows us that the author is a true workaholic.

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The Facebook Template: What to pay attention?

Nowadays for the successful advertising of your business or simply a resource in the Internet it is necessary to use all possible directions, one of which is the social Networks! Among all the possible social Networks it is necessary to pay attention to the largest one- facebook- first of all.

So, you already have a login in this social Network and have already created the page for your business, you publish news there, upload photos and decided to create fbml app page! The only thing is left is to choose the resource where you can buy facebook template. Be careful while choosing it because there are a lot of shops with this kind of templates but their quality leaves much to be desired! That is why now we will describe the main resources with the high-quality facebook templates! So, where one should go to buy the template?

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Awesome Flip Book Examples for Your Site

Many are faced with the choice of design and type of site. This may be a flash site and may just be a blog on WordPress.
But besides that, there is also a bit non-standard types of sites. For example, flip book. Those who want to make an online version of the magazine, book or product presentation could use a flip book. It is very convenient, nice and interesting use flip book.
Especially for you we have selected a collection of Awesome Flip Book Examples for Your Site that you can buy and use for yours purposes. A collection of flip books we have collected from different sites. Each flip book has a link for downloading and online viewing. Enjoy a collection of flip books!

Creative Logos for Inspiration

A Logo is a graphical element representing a trademark or commercial brand. Typically, a creative logo design is for immediate recognition. Presented below Most Creative Logos that are also used to identify organizations and other non-commercial entities.

These most creative logos inspired many creative designers. All of these Creative Logos for Inspiration below are very creative, magnificent and following different trends. Also, try to catch how they created using specific colors combination, typography adjustments and font selection.

Top Free WordPress Themes 2010

Sites that sell wordpress themes, (and not only they) also offer some of them for free just to attract users` attention. But these wordpress themes are not always worth your attention, because of their poor quality! Sometimes some of the site owners specialized specifically in wordpress themes offer for free those templates that dont sell well!
You might ask why I write about it instead of writing about top free wordpress themes 2010? I write because I would like you to understand that there are also well made wordpress themes that can be downloaded free of charge! But unfortunately a good and free wordpress template is a rarity and almost no one has ever combined them together! And now when you realize what kind of work we have done by bringing together top free wordpress themes 2010, we actually draw your attention to these wordpress themes!